Roger’s Revenge

When we last left our fearsome foresome (pun intended) they had just floated off the 3rd green at Oak Hills having scored 3 birdies! But today was another day, and we all know the vagaries of the golf gods

Once again I had been asked to fill out a foursome for a round of weekday golf (how do these people find time to play during the week; don’t they have to work?) It was almost the same crew as last time with Roger, Bill and me. Today, Mary was our fourth.

As we approached Oak Hill’s 3rd hole there was plenty of talk about what had happened the previous month. But today the hole was placed perilously close to the front of the green; not an easy pin placement. I was up first and dropped my shot just over the water where it rolled onto the green about 10 feet away. Bill followed with a soft floater that plopped onto the green and sat there, about 5 feet behind my ball. Could it be happening again? Up next, Roger’s shot also landed short of the green but refused to roll very far, stopping on the outer fringe. When Mary’s shot settled pin high but just to the right of the green we grudgingly accepted the fact that this wouldn’t be a repeat of last month.

Or would it? !

Mary shot first, hitting a soft chip straight at the hole but stopping about 6 feet away. Oh well!

Roger was next. Electing to use his putter he calmly rolled his ball right at the hole. It gently hit the pin and dropped in! The only one who hadn’t recorded a birdie last time, Roger now had his revenge!!

Bill made a gallant effort, but he couldn’t get his 15 footer to drop.

It was almost anticlimactic when my 10 foot putt inched its way to the hole and barely dropped over the edge. At least we had scored 2 birds!

So maybe today wasn’t quite as exciting as last time, but scoring two birdies on the same hole is still pretty good! And you better believe that the next time four ASGA Fairfield members play a weekday round at Oak Hills everyone will be wondering:

What will the 3rd hole bring today?

* This event happened on the 3rd hole at Oak Hills Park in Norwalk CT on Tuesday, July 22, 2008. The Foursome consisted of ASGA Fairfield Members Roger Klein, Bill Rilley, Mary Hudson and Elliott Whitney.

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