ASGA Fairfield Chapter Policies and Guidelines

A. Eligibility for Golf Outings and Social Events

1. Any single person who has never been an ASGA member is allowed to participate in one and only one ASGA Fairfield 18 or 9-hole golf outing, usually for the purpose of considering joining our Chapter.

2. Non-ASGA members who are single are welcomed to join any ASGA Fairfield social outing, including golf clinics, usually for the purpose of considering joining our Chapter. Non-members, including married persons, are invited to participate in our annual “Rally for the Cure” event.

3. Ex-ASGA members are not allowed to participate in any ASGA Fairfield 18 or 9-hole golf outing until they renew their membership.

B. Registering and Paying for Golf Outings

1. Registering for golf outings may be done on-line through the ASGA Fairfield Chapter website or by emailing/phoning the golf chair coordinator prior to the announced registration deadline for the outing. Payment for 18-hole golf outings must be made prior to (usually by three days) the day of the outing.

2. One may withdraw from an outing up to 48 hours prior to the start of the outing without penalty. If one needs to withdraw from an outing that he/she has signed up and/or paid for within 48 hours of the start of the outing, that person must phone to notify the golf chair coordinator (or other Board member if the coordinator cannot be reached in person) without incurring penalties. Penalties include not being reimbursed for the outing payment and being liable for ineligibility to play in a subsequent outing.

C. Pairings, Prizes, and Attire at Golf Outings

1. Participants in ASGA Fairfield golf outings are paired by the golf chair coordinator, given the following considerations: as equitable a mix of women and men as possible, a mix of golfing abilities, a mix of different players per foursome throughout the golf season. Participants may not be expected to have any request honored either to play with or decline to play with others. If a participant desires to arrive late or depart early for an outing, he/she may submit a request to the golf chair coordinator before the pairings are established and may be granted a preferred tee time. The golf chair coordinator will submit the pairings for an outing to the communications chairperson who will email them to the outing participants by Friday of a weekend outing.

2. A chapter member may win no more than two (2) prizes at golf outings (e.g. closest to the pin, straightest drive, low gross, etc.) in the same year.

3. ASGA Fairfield members are expected to abide by generally accepted norms of golf etiquette. Among other things this involves attentiveness to and monitoring of one’s pace of play as well as one’s use of language and gestures. While being aware and respectful of the play of other members of one’s foursome, one should play “reasonable ready golf” (see “Tips for Speeding Up Slow Play”), and abide by the “double par” rule (e.g. on a par 4: take no more than six shots from tee to green and allow for two putts).

4. Etiquette pertains as well to golf attire on the course. For men: long pants or Bermuda style shorts, a collared shirt tucked in, socks and soft spike shoes; for women: pants (medium shorts to long) or skirt, golf appropriate shirt (no midriff or halter), socks and soft spike shoes. For both men and women: no jeans or denim. In many cases the golf courses we play post acceptable and non-acceptable golf attire on their websites.

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Board Members

President Linda Woodruff

  Chairman of the Board Jane Price

  Golf Chair Linda Woodruff

  Social Chair Linda Woodruff

  Membership Chair Deirdre Campbell

  Communications Chair Jane Price

  Treasurer Karen Rumsey

  Secretary Greg Walker

  Publicity Chair Deirdre Campbell

  Meet-Up Administrator Chris Ulisse

  Web Masters Susan Dallas

Elliott Whitney