Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's the ratio of men to women?

Nationally the member ratio of men/women golfers in ASGA is about 50/50, while the ratio of women to men in ASGA Fairfield in recent years has been about 2:1. The ratio of women to men varies from event to event, however. Since only a percentage of the total membership participates in any given golf outing or social event, and we never know who our guests will be, it’s difficult to determine the gender ratio for any particular function.

2. Do you provide golf lessons for the members?

Our chapter does not provide individual golf lessons, though we do arrange a few golf clinics each year given by local club professionals. These usually occur at the start of our 3rd Friday socials during the spring months. Some of our members can recommend a local golf professional who will give individual instructions.

3. How much does it cost and what do I get for my dues?

Dues are set by the national organization, and are currently $70 for a year, renewable annually from the date you join. Our chapter charges $5 extra for any single who has never been an ASGA member to play in one 18 or 9-hole outing before joining ASGA. Member dues support the national organization, which has expenses like any other business, e.g. personnel, office rental, computer and copier leases, etc. Our chapter expenses are kept at a minimum, and each event, whether it is a golf outing, a social, our annual Christmas party, etc., is borne by the participants. Please check the Membership Benefits. page on our website.

4. Is there anybody my age in the organization?

Come to a 1st or 3rd Friday social and see for yourself. All ASGA chapters have a variety of ages. When younger people join, it causes other young people to join. It’s important to have a club with all ages involved. All are welcome!!

5. Where do you play?

We frequent a number of courses in and around Fairfield County, including municipal and semi-private clubs. Golf courses are selected by our Board, based on input from our members. ASGA National sponsors many multi-chapter weekend golf trips.

6. How often do you play golf?

From late April through October our club plays at least one 18-hole outing and one “Nine & Dine” per month. The 18-hole outings are scheduled on Saturday or Sunday early afternoons and the “Nine & Dines” are held mid-afternoons on Sundays. We also participate in a few multi-chapter, weekend get-a-way golf events each year.

7. How do I sign-up to play?

If you would like to sign up for one of our golf outings, click on the “Calendar” tab on our website, select the event you want to participate in, and follow the prompts. Once you have submitted your request to play, one of our board members will contact you. If you’d like to come to a social event, just select the event on our calendar and show up!

8. I’m divorced. Am I allowed to join?

Absolutely! Single, by our definition, is anyone who has never been married, is legally separated, divorced, or widowed.

9. Do you have to be a good golfer?

No. You just need to be a good person. Our average handicap is 25, nationally. So for every 15 handicapper, there is a 35 out there, and for every 5 handicapper, there is a 45. We encourage beginners to join, because learning through friends is not as intimidating. We want members to become good golfers because it is a "game for life." Our golf outings often include a variety of formats so that we all can have fun. Some members are naturally good at helping newer golfers with how the game is played and what is proper golf etiquette.

10. What happens if I get married?

It will be “Congratulations and farewell!” We are a singles club. Not that we have anything against married people, in fact that may be a goal for a lot of our members. But we preserve our uniqueness by keeping it a singles club.

11. How can I become more involved in ASGA Fairfield?

Volunteer for one of the committees: golf, social, publicity & recruitment. Organize a golf outing or tournament with help from the Golf Committee. Arrange a social gathering (dinner, concerts, bowling, hiking, biking, kayaking, billiards, etc.)

If you have further questions that have not been answered here, please join us at our next event, or contact one of our board members.

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Board Members

President Linda Woodruff

  Chairman of the Board Jane Price

  Golf Chair Linda Woodruff

  Social Chair Linda Woodruff

  Membership Chair Deirdre Campbell

  Communications Chair Jane Price

  Treasurer Karen Rumsey

  Secretary Greg Walker

  Publicity Chair Deirdre Campbell

  Meet-Up Administrator Chris Ulisse

  Web Masters Susan Dallas

Elliott Whitney